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Preference ASPIRE Range

Aspire RCB Hybrid flooring represents next generation manufacturing techniques utilising the recently developed rigid composite core board (RCB). RCB core is manufactured from mineral compounds provide little or no movement; this enables excellent performance characteristics.

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Godfrey Hirst ORION Range

The new advanced Hybrid category is an evolution in flooring that has the visual appeal of timber and combines the best of laminate and vinyl to produce a product that is a game changer. Hybrids can withstand the harshestof Australian climatic heat, cold and water making it ideal for use right across the country. The new core technology and UV coated surface makes it perfect for use in hot climates and in front of north facing windows.

View/download the Godfrey Hirst ORION range.


Karndean Range

To be announced… New products coming in 2018